DigisignTV Docket & Display Builder

What It Does:

DigisignTV Docket and Display BuilderThe DigisignTV™ Docket & Display Builder (DigisignTV™ DDB) helps courts meet an unlimited variety of docket data management, printing and display needs as well as integrated digital signage solution.

For courts without an existing case management system, DigisignTV™ DDB provides a web based case management system for the entry of cases and events, which are then automatically displayed across a single monitor, multiple monitors, multiple sets of monitors or the court’s website.  DigisignTV™ DDB also outputs a PDF of the docket for printing or electronic distribution.

For  courts with a case management system, DigisignTV™ DDB retrieves case data from the existing system and automatically displays it across a single monitor, multiple monitors, or multiple sets of monitors.

DigisignTV™ DDB also provides for the display of other electronic signage information for way finding, last minute room changes, announcements, security entry point messaging, emergency announcements, and much more.

Benefits of using DigisignTV™ DDB

A Cost-Effective, Flexible Method of Keeping the Visiting Public and Staff Informed, Safe and Secure:

  • Informs visitors of checkpoint procedures which improves throughput and minimizes wait times and gathering size.
  • Alphabetical digital docket display improves traffic flow allowing visitors to continue on their way while reduce way finding questions to staff.
  • Easily display last minute room and time changes.

For Courts Without Case Management Systems:

  • It increases the staff’s efficiency by eliminating the hours it takes per day to prepare and post paper dockets.
  • Cost effective and easy to use alternative to other CMS’s.  Your staff will be up and running with little or no training.